About the Game

These games focus on Music Theory, Ear Training and Interval Recognition. Music theory is the framework to composing music, analyzing music, and becoming a better performer.

3 in 1 Game of Cards to play as a family or with friends.

• Musical Rat Screw – Think and act fast! Learn notes and pitches while building sandwiches, double sandwiches, and staircases. Slap it! Advanced levels learn tritones, octaves, and triads.

• Go! Chromatic – Memory and note recognition. Players learn notes by making pairs and matching notes. Advanced players identify and sing intervals.

• Musical War – Know your intervals! Advanced players name the interval and/or the inverted interval.

Each box includes:

76 cards, 4 cards of each chromatic note (Treble Clef, C4-C5) and 4 fermata cards (wild cards)
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Music Vocabulary
Rules of Play