About the Creator – Lynnea Harding
At age 4, I started taking violin lessons and this began my musical education.  As I continued to take violin lessons, I began studying both voice and piano. I attended the University of Southern Maine, where I graduated with a B.A. in Music (studied classical voice, piano, and violin) and a Minor in Mathematics.

During Summer 2018, I worked at The Goodspeed Opera House (Goodspeed Musicals). As the Music Coordinator, my primary role was music directing for the “Kids Company” of Oliver!  I was constantly trying to think of ways to inspire young kids to learn music theory. There was a lot of idle time backstage, so I began teaching the kids the classic card game Egyptian Ratscrew (Slap), which they absolutely loved. This sparked an idea:  what if there was a way to incorporate music theory into their favorite games?

The next day, I created homemade cards of GO! MUSIC:  construction paper laminated with packing tape, and the notes and staves written with a sharpie. The minute I taught the kids GO! MUSIC, they were hooked and were eager to learn more about music. I could hear kids practicing intervals, asking about tritones, and discussing music terminology. That is when I realized the impact this game had made on their music education. Kids went home to teach their parents and siblings how to play GO! MUSIC. Family and friends of all ages are able to learn music theory together while playing GO! MUSIC.

I continued to develop the game, and today, we have GO! MUSIC, the 3 in 1 game of cards:  Musical Ratscrew, Go! Chromatic, and Musical War. Seeing people of all ages become interested and involved in music theory and ear training is inspiring, and GO! MUSIC has become an important part of music education in a fun and interactive atmosphere.